Warehouse Management Systems


With extensive experience in Warehouse Management Systems and highly qualified and experienced staff we offer efficient and cost effective solutions for all types of warehouse management.

We offer a range of unique 'leading edge' Windows products, including our new S2 Warehouse Management  [ S2 WMS ] systems along with the popular StorePRO and AUTOSTORE systems.

Suitable for both small and very large warehouses, from simple, single location storage right up to complex paperless and barcoding operations. 
See our list of integrated features for specialist industries.

Cost savings and benefits

A large range of cost savings and benefits can be gained by installing our Warehouse Management Systems, and depending on the version installed these can include;
  • Faster, paperless putaways & picks - rather than the Picker or Forklift driver visually looking for suitable putaway locations, or for the stock to be picked, S2 WMS will automatically direct him to the next most logical putaway location, and to the correct pick location taking into account stock rotation and pick rules.

  • More accurate putaways & picks – using barcoding and StorePRO generated pick instructions you will gain from accuracy in deliveries to Customers, minimal wrong deliveries, minimal returns, happier customers, more sales.

  • Better Stock Rotation: Less old stock written off due to accurate stock rotation and stock age reports.

  • Better utilisation of warehouse space, with stock held in contiguous locations, locations logically filled = cost savings.

  • Ability to ‘freeze’ stock / locations – can apply to reserved stock / damaged stock etc., and prevents wrong deliveries.

  • Quicker Despatch process with system generated despatch labels, consignment notes, load consolidation, Carrier pickup manifest etc.

  • Overall reduction in the volume of paper required in managing the warehouse = direct labour savings.

  • More efficient stock transfers: When stock is transferred between locations and warehouses, the transfers can be paperless & quick, using RF scanners, saving time and improving accuracy.

  • Container stuffing & destuffing and tracking – you can track exactly what was unpacked from each container, even months later – helping in claims for damages / short deliveries etc.

  • Direct labour savings: Overall, in permanent & casual labour, we would generally expect that you could save the labour of about up to 1/3 of the people you currently employ in the warehouse, although it is not unusual to save more. Staff training times are reduced, making it easier to employ more casual labour.

  • Stocktake Savings – stock validation at pick time and Cycle Counts eliminate the need for stocktake shutdowns, - stocktaking can be done using staff during quiet times throughout the year – big cost savings and no interruption to sales order deliveries.
So the readily identifiable savings can be significant, giving a very short payback period, and enhancing efficiency and profitability. 



S2 Logistics - 3D Visual Warehouse

The Visual Warehouse module provides a Real Time 3 dimensional animated view of the warehouse locations. You can 'walk'
through aisles, display stock by type / status / slot status etc. 

Good for larger environments and big bulk stack warehouses where a visual overview of warehouse layout can be used to help manage stock.



Performance Dashboards

S2 Logistics - Performance Dashboads

User controlled Performance Dashboards provide real time performance monitoring of the Warehouse.

Use performance dashboards to turn data into useful information and to help you manage your warehouse and increase your efficiency and performance.


Guaranteed success

Every S2 WMS implementation has been a success, and every business that has purchased and implemented S2 WMS still runs it today.


Product Details

There are three basic versions of Warehouse Management Systems from Global - Our leading S2 Warehouse Management systems along with the popular StorePRO and AUTOSTORE systems. Within each version there are numerous system options.

Standard system functions can include

  • Multiple Company, Multiple Branch, Multiple Warehouse, Multiple Zone, Multiple Location Type.
  • Intelligent Automated Putaway & Picking Location decisions.
  • Complete Product Tracking, with Movement History.
  • Automated calculation of Weekly Storage Charges.
  • Multiple picking methods such as by Item, Batch No, Expiry Date, Serial Number, FIFO, LIFO, Random, Bond No., Pick & Pack etc.
  • Goods Outwards Consignment Note Print , Dispatch label print, & Manifest Print.
  • A huge array of Stock, movement, analysis reporting
  • Warehouse Utilisation monitoring
  • Reporting Graphs
  • KPI's
  • Product Serial Number Tracking
  • Quick On-Line Product Status / Location Enquiries.Bar Code WMS
  • Hand Held Terminals
  • Store Products by Client Areas, Warehouse zones or Rack / Row, Bay, Level, Slot.
  • Auto Picking & Putaway slip print.
  • Locations and Products can be 'frozen' or allocated to nominated Clients.
  • Include additional handling charges, freight charges etc.
  • Store sales and stock reservations
  • Sales Invoicing and extensive Sales Reporting
  • Bulk picks
  • Container Handling, de-stuffing.
  • Pallet Control
  • Cycle Counts
  • Internet access with WEBSTORE
  • Generic EDI called GEDI ( users can manage their own EDI )
  • POLLREMO for automated EDI transmissions
  • 3PL Client Revenue Reports, Client Stock Movements, Quotations
  • RF scanners ( software, supply and installation )
  • RFID
  • Voice Picks
  • Integration to the Transport & Production modules and FinPRO Financials for Purchase Ordering, Accounts Receivable & General / Nominal Ledgers. 

Optional Functions can include;

Paperless Warehousing and Bar-coding
On-line data entry via radio frequency hand held computers and radio frequency forklift mounted touch screen computers - interface into ScanPAL and ScanPACK for RF paperless warehousing.

Generic EDI

You can offer full EDI facilities to external clients, with on-line Product Movement requests, Product Status and Movement History lookup.

Internet access with WEBSTORE
With WEBStore - the internet 'front end' you can offer clients on-line access to your database, allowing them to perform warehouse management operations such as product order entries for inwards and outwards movements, product status inquiries, movement history inquiry facilities or account inquiries via the Internet.

Special integrated features

Our Warehouse Management Software has many integrated features for specialist industries including;
  • Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL's)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Steel and Metal - Coils, Bars, Bundles, pick x weight
  • Frozen Foods
  • Meat
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Clothing and Footware
  • Document Storage
  • Mail fulfilment



DOCSTORE is an advanced document storage system which can be used to manage all aspects of document storage such as recording document receivals, dispatches, returns and destruction dates. DOCSTORE allows picking documents and folders from boxes, tracking boxes and documents sent out to clients as well as generating charges automatically for picking /handling / dispatch and storage services. Comprehensive enquiry and reporting screens allow the easy location and management of cartons and documents. Features of DOCSTORE include;

  • Complete Box / Contents / Items Tracking with Movement History.
  • Pick by Carton, Document or folio number, destruction date, Customer Order No.
  • Automatic calculation of Picking, Handling, Freight, & Weekly Storage Charges.
  • Service Invoicing.
  • Include additional picking and handling charges, freight charges etc.
  • Automated Putaway & Picking Location decisions.
  • Multi Warehouse, Multi Site, Multi Location with Warehouse Zones and Location types.
  • Quick On-Line Product Status / Location Enquiries.
  • Picker & Fork efficiency reporting, Customer Revenue reporting, Warehouse Utilisation reporting.
  • Goods Outwards Despatch Labels, Consignment Note Print & Manifest Print.
  • Store by Rack / Row, Bay, Level, Slot. Includes Pallet Control.
  • Integrates to the Accounts Receivable & General / Nominal Ledgers.
  • and many more unique features….

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