The Global Systems JobTracker Client Support System


Here at Global Systems we have provided clients with continuous effective on-line support since 1981 using our detailed internal, Client Systems Support System.

Supported clients can log on to our Job Tracker Online Work Request system to notify issues and can send through change requests which are then logged in for prompt attention. In Job Tracker clients can set their own job priorities.

Our support programmers monitor JobTracker, and pick up the allocated prioritised jobs as they come through, so high priority jobs are quickly recognised and actioned.

The progress of outstanding jobs is reviewed by our Programmer Manager daily, to ensure that jobs are attended to in order of priority or urgency. Clients can check the job progress at any time and communicate with the programmer using JobTracker.

Once jobs are completed our support programmers record what was done, when the client’s system was updated, the time taken to complete the job, and any followup action required.

So at any time we can readily review the status of a client system, and the progress of a system, and look for issues that may need monitoring.

We can also then carry out a formal review of the system status and progress with our clients on a periodic basis, and areas requiring attention can be readily identified.

This formalised approach to client support ensures that all jobs are properly recorded and attended to in a timely manner.

Our support is second to none.

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