S2 Depot - [ DepotPRO ] Container Depot Management


An innovative and technologically advanced Container Depot Management system that will improve your efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up Gate Movements, World best M&R, operations and billing. The system runs live / real time, with excellent EDI capabilities, comprehensive, but easy to use at an operator level. Extensive reporting and analysis lead to a closely managed operation.
For Empties, Fulls, Reefers, Tanks, Tankers [ plus tank cleaning ], Lifter Job Scheduling, Carrier Bookings, OCR, World First animated 3D Visual Depot, 2D Depot.
Running on an MS SQL Server database - a top quality & robust environment. 
Optionally you can include our integrated S2 Financials,  our advanced Container Transport system [ S2 CONTRACK ] and  S2 WMS - our leading Warehouse Management system - providing a complete and integrated logistics environment.

Systems functionality includes;

  • Record Containers Gate In/Out, Status changes, Yard services, transfers, complete Container Tracking, with detailed History.
  • Auto charge calculations for Handling, Daily/Weekly Storage.
  • Repairs [ M&R ], Miscellaneous costs Repair Estimates and billing [advanced costing grids, inc. Reefer repairs], repairs profitability & stock control.
  • Multi Depot, Multi Cost Centre, Multi Country.
  • Multi Language.
  • Full container & transaction history with detailed drilldown.
  • Detailed Reporting, Daily Log etc. Client Revenue Reporting with graphs, inc. export to Excel, PDF, or email.
  • Unique 'Generic EDI' - import/export any EDI files, makes EDI easy.
  • Embedded SQL Query woth export to Excel for 'ad hoc' reporting.
  • Quick On-Line Container Status Enquiries/Release requests.
  • Transport Management
  • Rail

Options include;

  • Hand Held Repair Estimates - on Android portable data terminals or Mobile / Cell Phones.
  • Hand Helds for Gate In/Gate Out/Yard Services/Releases etc.
  • Operating Country selector with invoice/tax rules for country selected.
  • Internet client access and enquiries.
  • Fork Mounted RF Units, etc., plus many more unique features.
  • OCR at Gate and on Lifter Arms. 



On Android or Windows Hand Held PDA's, Tablets and Mobile Phones the operator can perform:

  • Gate In
  • Gate Out
  • Repair Estimates [ includes ‘Simplified Estimates’ ]
  • Yard Services
  • Stocktakes
  • Enter From / To Location [ or just new location ]
  • The Gate In / Gate Out Hand Held program includes Carrier 'Sign on Glass', then printing the signed EIR on the belt mounted printer [ multiple copies option ]
  • Tank and Tanker Washes


S2 Smart Depot the greatest paradigm shift that has ever taken place in Container Depot and Port Yard management

Using our unique Global GPS RTK systems and advanced global software algorithms you can auto record the container placement position, angle, level anywhere in the yard / depot. Huge time saver for lifter operators plus you will automatically know exactly where every container is located, and be able to 'see' through stacks with our World First animated 3D Visual Depot. Enhanced Depot utilisation - you will be able to store more boxes in the same area.


 S2 Kiosk

The Yard Manager Kiosk applications allow for drivers to enter the depot using their booking number. Bookings are validated, Boom Gate activated,  and a Lifter Job is then created notifying the Hoist / RTG operator that a truck has arrived and requires a container movement.  Optionally unmanned Kiosk entry by Driver or OCR validation.  Creates a Truck queue for the Lifters.


S2 Lifter Job Scheduling

The Yard Manager application runs from inside either a Lifter hoist or RTG gantry, normally installed in a ruggedised tablet.  The lifter drivers will see a list of pickup / dropoff jobs from the Kiosk on their in-cab mobile computers
[ being trucks that have passed in through the boom gate ] , pick a job and unload or load as required, visually verifying the Carrier / Rego / Container No. [ if a dropoff ] and recording the Container No. if a Release. Includes Yard Job scheduling, auto Lifter allocations, auto Yard location allocations.

S2 CONTAINERLINK Carrier Bookings is an optional module within S2 Depot and S2 Stevedore. Carriers simply log in to a website where they enter their booking requests into CONTAINERLINK, the 'front end' of S2 Depot and S2 Stevedore. Bookings can be billed or free.  Carriers or any of your clients – can log in ( with password security ) to see the current / live status and availability of containers in the wharf or depot before they make bookings.
In ContainerLink carriers can make bookings and set up a schedule for pick-ups and drop-offs of containers at any depot. 
Carrier Bookings are managed from a dedicated interface that gives the operator powerful controls over the entire booking system.

Functions include:

  • Customisable Time Slot booking schedule calendar.
  • Future Dated Bookings. Carriers can choose to make bookings for any upcoming day, to any port or depot location.
  • Acceptance and Release Bookings.
  • Booking Validation: Requests for containers are validated to prevent bookings of unavailable containers.
  • Bulk Container Import.
  • Container History: Quickly retrieve the booking history of any container for a given depot and date range.
  • Pending Bookings: Review all current bookings and make adjustments as required.

Mobility:  Bookings can be made & updated on Android Mobile / Cell phones, Tablets and PDA's.

                                                                                                                                        3D Animated Visual Depot 

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