Global Contact Manager

you can take it all with you:

Mobile Devices
Download your Prospects & Customers to a PDA or Notebook Computer / Update as you go / refresh the central system. Offline or Online with GPRS … a complete and customisable solution to manage every aspect of the customer lifecycle.

The Global Contact Manager has many useful features. For example, It allows you to break down your prospects and customers into groups for easy tracking and follow ups. Your can also schedule and view pending actions (calls, meetings, etc.). You have up to the minute access to a customer's Accounts Receivable invoice information and notes, as well as Sales Contact Notes.

The system also allows you to create a letter for a customer or a prospect using templates that you create using your word processor. The customer or contacts address can automatically be inserted into the document, and optionally documents can be auto converted to a .PDF and emailed.

Functions within Global Contact Manager include,
  • Adding / Editing Prospect & Customer data,
  • Converting Prospects to Customers
  • Includes mailing details, Account Groups, Industry types, 1st / last / Next contact dates, Size, Support Required, Potential Order Type, Potential Order Value, Expected Order Date, Estimated Annual Sales Value, Probability of Success etc.
  • Adding Contact Notes, reviewing these as well as Accounts Receivable Notes
  • Send standard / template / modified letters, or optionaly email as a .PDF Interface to your Quotations module.
  • Reports: Pending Actions Report, Mailing Labels, Customer & Prospect Listings x Phone / Mailing / Detail – by Sales Person / Sales Area / Contact Dates / Mail Addressees etc.



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