Tough times don’t last, tough companies do..

It’s business as usual here at Global.

Spread over widely spaced locations internationally our staff are safe and secure and we are well placed to provide ongoing support throughout this unfortunate period.

As one of the oldest continuously running software businesses ( since 1981 ) we have experienced many previous recessions and emerged stronger each time.

The pandemic marks the end of life as we have known it ( for a while ), but with each new dawn comes new opportunity, and we look forward to embracing what the future beyond the virus offers.


What do we do?

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Global Software Systems is the only company worldwide that offers a fully integrated Logistics system that can cover all aspects of the logistics industry, developed for small to large companies running on robust MS SQL Server databases, and we offer logistics businesses the opportunity to have a fully integrated systems environment - Multi Country / Multi Company / Multi Branch.

Our Corporate Mission Statement is "Imagination without Boundaries" - to express our free thinking and innovative attitude towards systems development, which currently includes our new S2 Logistics release of our advanced systems in .NET Core with Performance Dashboards, plus OCR technology for transport management and automatic container receivals and dispatch.


Successful Systems Implementation Methodology

The Global Software Systems Solutions Implementation Methodology provides consistent, client-focused implementations.

Our strategic objective is to deliver better business solutions faster to Global clients worldwide through a reliable, high quality implementation structure. The consistent application of this methodology throughout the process enables us to pass on the benefits of our experience and knowledge. This results in efficient, effective and well-managed projects.

Simplified Implementation with Maximized ROI.

Global Software Systems has built a tremendous track record over the last 40 years of universally successful implementations. We understand business. We understand systems. We understand that every business has unique system requirements. So we take the time to understand your needs and make sure we meet them.

To ensure the success of our implementations we have developed our own process that has been used in many successful implementations worldwide.
Our methodology, designed with a balance between structure and flexibility, enables us to provide a fast, efficient, economical implementation of Global Software Systems software solutions every time. Our approach provides you with results and rapid returns.

We believe in simplicity and value. Our software solutions are based on this philosophy and our unique implementation approach is no different. Our Systems are structured for scalability, implementation ease, and rapid deployment and are continuously enhanced with these goals in mind. Our site-by-site phased implementation approach allows for a gradual evolution of information systems in your business without requiring a complete system replacement or complex business process re-engineering.


The Benefits


We know you require minimal business disruption and predictable implementation costs.
Many of our clients have replaced existing legacy systems with Global Software Systems and our automated conversion procedures cover a variety of legacy systems.

As a result, you benefit from our experience and replacing your existing system can be done efficiently and cost effectively.


Environmentally Aware

Global Software Systems has taken positive action to become Carbon neutral.


Imagination without Boundaries









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